The Top 10 Technologies with the Biggest Impact in the Mining Industry in the Next 15 Years

The Top 10 Technologies with the Biggest Impact in the Mining Industry in the Next 15 Years

The mining and metals industry is recovering from one of its most difficult periods in decades. Market volatility and a downturn in commodity prices have created a new normal where cost cuts, automation and operational efficiency are vitally important. 

While trends are showing that demand for minerals will grow in the coming years, there are several key drivers that will enable the mining companies that invest in their digitalization journeys to prevail. 

According to Innovation State of Play’s 2019 Mining Industry Survey, the technology areas that will have the biggest impact in the next 15 years are the following: 

  • Robotics & Automation 
  • AI, Decision, Support & Analytics 
  • Sensing & Data 
  • Energy technologies 
  • Virtualization & Augmentation 
  • Communication & Connectivity 
  • Manufacturing Techniques 
  • Advanced Materials 
  • Computing Power 
  • Biotechnology 

The power of “Digitalization”

Digitalization is the catalyst that helps mining operations become “smarter” by leveraging digital technology and processes that make operations instrumented, interconnected and intelligent. The idea behind it is to provide: “Right information in right time and place, to make better decisions” 

Even in the early stages of their digital transformation journeys, mining companies can increase productivity, reduce costs and improve production and safety quickly through the visualization of data across the entire value chain. By putting the right information in employees’ hands, they can make better decisions across an integrated production chain. 

All these 10 trends will help the mining industry operate in safer and more productive environments, all the while adopting more sustainable and environmentally friendly processes along the way.

Artificial Intelligence in Mining: the Game Changer 

To start we’d like to provide you some more in-depth understanding on the second biggest disruptor, Artificial Intelligence.

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