Newtrax Launches “IoT Hub” at Digitalization in Mining Event

Newtrax Technologies Inc. (‘Newtrax’) – the leading provider of safety and productivity systems for underground hard rock mines – launches its brand new IoT Hub at the Digitalization in Mining event in Brisbane, Australia. 

The Newtrax IoT Hub is the first AI-powered data aggregation platform enabling the mining industry to connect all IoT devices into a single data repository. 

It connects datasets and information in real time with a wide choice of software applications, enabling transparency of the mining processes and proactive decision making. 

This is the first hub of its kind that provides every mining company, whether big or small, with the ability to build their own data lake through industry-standardized APIs. This ensures mining companies can pick and choose from virtually any application they want and build the best solution architecture for their unique requirements. 

“What we’ve been seeing in the industry is that separate vendors are selling IoT devices that only work with their own software platform and this is generating islands of data.  However, the real power of data can only be unlocked with the customers’ ability to aggregate the data together to make insights that would not normally be seen. That is where the Newtrax Iot Hub comes in.” said Alexandre Cervinka, President & CEO of Newtrax. 

Newtrax is committed to having an open architecture and will continue to interface with other vendors in the mining digital ecosystem. 

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