Newtrax Donates PPE To Health Centers Hit Hard by COVID-19

CHSLD Vigi Mont-Royal nurse receiving masks, face shields, and ear savers donated by Newtrax.

The Newtrax Headquarter is located in Montreal, Quebec, which also happens to be the epicenter of COVID-19 in Canada currently. Since health care workers on the front lines are high at risk, Newtrax wanted to donate personal protective equipment (PPE) to health centers in order to keep people safe and healthy.

Unfortunately, Long-Term Care Facilities for the aging population are being hit the hardest by Covid-19.

Newtrax employees were determined to help the cause, so we came together and raised funds to purchase and donate a large delivery of personal protective equipment (PPE) to the most affected retirement home centers. 

The fundraiser was an instant hit and we were able to surpass our goal in less than two hours, thanks to the generosity of our employees! 

Today, we were able to deliver masks, face shields, and ear savers to the nurses of CHSLD Vigi Mont-Royal, which they received with great enthusiasm and gratitude. We believe that it is important to give back to our community during these difficult times. The safety of our health care workers is crucial in order for them to continue saving lives on a daily basis.

The nurses and workers of the center want to thank each and every Newtrax donor for making a big impact in their lives and their ability to help the patients. 

CHSLD Vigi Mont-Royal nurse wearing an ear saver donated by Newtrax.

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Stay safe!

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