Behind The Scenes: MineProx Video, Fresnillo

Our film crew recently went down to Zacatecas, Mexico to visit Minera Juanicipio, one of Fresnillo’s Silver mine projects to film footage of our MineProx system in action.

We joined our colleague and Global Services Manager  Luis, who represents Newtrax on-site at the Saucito mine, and got introduced to Antonio Mendoza, Juanicipio’s Superintendent. Antonio and his team gave us a tour of the premises, located at 8km SW of the Fresnillo mine and shared with us some interesting facts about the region’s history and influence in the Mining industry in Mexico.

The scenery was nothing short of breathtaking. We were able to clearly see the the Fresnillo Mountain (which is also illustrated in Fresnillo PLC’s logo!) famous for its distinct “gap”.

Fresnillo Mountain seen on the horizon from the Juanicipio site.

On day 1, we spent some time underground with the operators of the Juanicipio mine to better understand their work environment, and how they have been utilizing MineProx to better manage the traffic of large and smaller vehicles and to detect pedestrians.

Operators of the Juanicipio mine with Cynthia, Newtrax’s Marketing Manager.

It was a great to feeling to see the MineProx URUI displaying  the number of pedestrians nearby and making the LHD operator  aware of his surroundings, it made everyone feel safer in the mine.

We spent the next two days interviewing Antonio Mendoza’s team  then went on a small roadtrip up to Torreon to talk to Fresnillo’s CIO, Baldomero Gutierrez, in Torreon.

Pit-stop at a gas station on the highway on our way to the Fresnillo Headquarters in Torreon.

We spoke to Baldomero about Fresnillo’s relationship with Newtrax and about the exciting projects to come in Saucito and San Julian where we are deploying not only the MineProx solution, but MineEvac, MineTrax and MinHop AQM. These projects will give us the opportunity to come back to Mexico and shoot some more footage of these solutions in action and their impact of the safety and productivity at Fresnillo mines.

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