VIDEO: Using Artificial Intelligence to Deliver Customer Value in Under 3 Months

Michel Dubois, Vice President QA & Artificial Intelligence spoke at Mines and Technologies last week in Toronto about how Newtrax utilizes real-time data for AI.

Michel started his career in 1996 specialized as a Mathematician in Artificial intelligence.  He is involved in the A.I. community through conferences, articles, social media and universities.

“We collect data from three different sources: Mixed Fleet Vehicles, Personnel, and Environment providing contextualized data taken every second,” says Michel.  “We clean the data, we validate it, we transform it and we visualize it”

Watch the conference video to find out more about how Newtrax utilizes this very rich data in a unique way by its expert team to deliver customer value in less than 3 months.

Immediate Value: Delivering Concept of ROI in only 4 days!

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